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Beauty Products

Fueling success through partnership and operational excellence

Unlock the power of precision with the ulimate 3PL Fulfillment Solutions Provider

The trusted choice in fulfillment for high volume Beauty, Wellness and Lifestyle brands

Elevating fulfillment excellence:  seamlessly manage high volume and complex customer needs with cutting edge technology, expertise and continuous innovation

Accelerate Growth: A scalable 3PL platform engineered for comprehensive solutions from click-to-ship

Ecommerce Fulfillment

Integrate warehousing, inventory management, and order processing with efficient shipping and hassle-free returns.


Leverage our extensive vendor compliance expertise in retail, wholesale, and dropshipping through a simple, EDI-compliant process.


Utilize a nationwide coverage footprint for faster, cost-efficient deliveries, warehousing and storage.

Returns & Reverse Logistics

Optimize your returns; streamline exchanges, enhance customer satisfaction, and offer a solution that scales.

Shipping & Logistics

Enjoy domestic and international shipping and logistics, including various package sizes, FTL & LTL, air freight and ocean.

Value Added Services

Lighten your entire team's load by tapping into our value added services, including custom and stock boxes, packaging materials, kitting and assembly, analytics and more. 

Order Management

Revolutionize order fulfillment with our system's real-time visibility and smart order routing, ensuring efficient and cost-effective processing.

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory with real-time tracking and forecasting, enabling efficient management of product, pre-sales and backorders.

Dedicated Account Management

Work with a dedicated expert account manager, who will be an extension of your team supporting you in every step of your fulfillment journey.

Integrations For Seamless Fulfillment

OceanX works seamlessly with today’s most popular e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, retailers, shipping providers, and third-party tools.

Our Numbers Speak for Themselves

Same day shipping


Order & inventory accuracy


Potential savings on shipping


Days nationwide shipping offered


Years of experience


Hours maximum for processing returns


Power Up with our Technology Platform

Integration Excellence

Connect your ERP, CRM, and e-commerce platforms to OceanX proprietary platform,  to ensure maximum efficiency and productivity.


Expand into new markets and products, amend order volumes,  and increase distribution channels with ease due to our modular platform, designed to adapt as business needs evolve.

Automation Solution

We automate repetitive processes and streamline workflows to enable you to create processes that align with your business objectives, ensuring consistent and error-free execution across your entire order management lifecycle.

Real-Time Visibility & Transparency

Enjoy comprehensive and consistent visibility of your inventory, orders fulfillment status and returns. This helps anticipate any disruptions and proactively resolve issues, lowering costs without compromising customer service.

Customer Satisfaction

Our technology empowers OceanX to deliver exceptional customer experiences. By streamlining order processing, reducing fulfillment times, and ensuring accurate delivery, we help you exceed customer expectations and build and maintain long-lasting relationships.

Inventory Optimization

Our technology empowers you to optimize inventory levels and minimize carrying costs without sacrificing customer service. We help you get real-time insights into stock levels, demand patterns, and order history, to make informed decisions about replenishment, allocation, and distribution.

Empowering Brands to Sell with the Largest Retailers

OceanX warehouses, staff and technology ensure the smoothest transport of products anywhere in United States

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